Meet your payments command center

Ledge is the best way to tame payments for finance teams operating at scale. Ledge automates manual work, dramatically reduces the risk of losses, and shows you exactly what needs attention.
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KPI dashboard
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payments snapshot

Know exactly where you stand with KPIs for:
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Balances: Get a real-time snapshot of your cash position across banks and ensure balances remain healthy.
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At risk transactions: See how much money is at risk and where to start investigating.
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Reconciliation: Track & improve your automation rate and see how many transactions require further attention.
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Automatic multi-way reconciliation

Ledge’s powerful Reconciliation Engine automatically matches transactions across sources, simplifying your reconciliation process & massively reducing manual work.
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Smart, three-way transaction matching.
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Scalable, no matter how complex your payments flows.
Monitoring & alerting

Identify risks & minimize losses

Ledge’s prioritized notification boards mean you never miss anything urgent. Get notified in real-time about:
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ACH returns, chargebacks, & other payment failures so you can resolve them before the funds are lost forever. 
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Uncollected or late payments so action can be taken.

Track balances with flexible ledgers

Make informed decisions with fully customizable ledgers & sub-ledgers.
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Get full visibility into transactions, payments and balances.
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For every kind of counterparty, entity and segment, such as buyers, sellers, activities, properties, and geographies.

Automate with rules

Ledge starts automatically matching your payments straight out of the box. Need more control? Configure your payment flows to match your business logic with easy-to-use automation workflows.
Create workflows
Create unlimited custom payment workflows in a friendly interface.
Add Logic
Add logic
Define your own actions & logic that match your payment flows.
Single source of truth
Automate operations
Automate manual work & close your books faster than ever.

No engineers? No worries.

Simple to start
Pick & click integrations and let Ledge handle the rest
Powerful to use
Automate & investigate payments with a UI built for finance
Keep on succeeding
Return to the high-leverage strategic work you’re great at

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