We’re on a mission to  solve payments at scale

 When businesses built on payments reach scale, things start to break.   Complexity threatens to overwhelm the finance team and jeopardize the  payments engine that’s critical to the business’s success. 
 Ledge solves that pain & turns payments into power. 
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The state of finance ops

Finance teams are too often ‘human glue’

Finance teams operating at scale end up as victims of their own success, working as ‘human glue’ holding together a complex payments stack of payment processors, banks, ERPs, databases, and more.
We believe this has to change.
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Why Ledge

We need tools built for finance teams

We’re finance people building tools to empower finance teams. We believe finance teams should be independent, productive, strategic contributors to business growth, not bogged down in payments.
That’s why we’ve built Ledge.
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Succeed with payments

We’re here to help finance teams keep succeeding

We’re not content to just relieve finance teams of the burden of the manual payments grind. We’re building a payments command center to help finance teams do their best work — driving efficiency, delivering strategic insight, and accelerating growth.
Ledge brings all your payments data together in one place.
Set your rules or stick with ours to automate finance operations.
Finance is free to keep scaling with confidence.
Meet the founders

We’re experienced operators who’ve felt the pain of payments

Tal Kirschenbaum
Tal Kirschenbaum
Experienced operator with deep expertise in finance from a career spanning BCG, Facebook, & payments giant Melio.
Asaf Kotzer
Asaf Kotzer
Engineering leader and tech industry veteran with a taste for bleeding-edge tech and rock-solid, scalable infrastructure.
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