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Meet your new
exception management HQ.

With all your data in one place, identifying, investigating & collaborating on exceptions is more efficient than ever.

Manage exceptions & pinpoint transaction problems, all on one platform.

A full suite of real-time notification & collaboration tools 
built especially for finance operations teams.

Get notified in real-time

Real-time, customizable alerts help the team proactively spot risks and anomalies.

See what needs attention

See transactions at risk, spot where the reconciliation chain is broken, and action any issues.

Collaborate with tasks

Assign tasks, see what the team is working on, and ensure issues are closed faster than ever.

Prevent losses

Catch issues before they damage the company’s financials & the funds are lost forever.

Serve customers

Identify issues affecting customers proactively — don’t wait for them to tell you.

Empower the team

Give the team modern tools, keep workflows balanced, & drive operational efficiency.

A fast, modern workflow for modern finance teams.

Complex, high-volume data sources welcome. No R&D or IT required.

Real-time alerts

Identify risks & minimize losses with real-time alerts.

  • Continuously monitor transactions: Get real-time alerts for any situation, such as overdue or failed payments, ACH reversals, chargebacks, overdue invoices, fraud risk, or any other issue.
  • Improve collections & DSO: Get notified of and take action on uncollected or late payments with custom alert logic.
  • See transactions at risk: Real-time dashboards help you review, investigate, and resolve problem transactions.
End-to-end investigations

Run efficient investigations & resolve issues fast.

  • Everything in one place: Ledge helps you zero in on what’s relevant across all your data sources, no matter how complex.  
  • See the full payment story: Get a transparent & comprehensive visualization of a transaction's lifecycle from initiation to completion, including connections to other related transactions.
  • Spot breaks in the chain: Easily identify exactly where the reconciliation chain is broken and what issues need to be addressed.
Tasks & collaboration

Manage tasks & stay in sync as a team.

  • A single collaboration platform for the whole finance team:
    - Assign different tasks between team members
    - Set task priorities
    - Add comments
    - Action any issues
    - Apply robust internal controls
  • Visibility for team leaders: Dashboards give you insight into the team’s workload and performance, helping you spot inefficiencies and identify tasks for further automation.
  • Export as required: Everything is fully exportable for all your reporting needs.

Audit-ready data, always.

Ledge makes audits a breeze.

Continuous audit preparation

Every transaction is fully documented, retained, & stored with our Immutable Data Audit Trail.

End-to-end transaction log

Trace the entirety of any transaction, with every change captured, right up to it landing in an account.

Stress-free sampling

No need to painstakingly piece together transaction journeys for audit samples; it’s all done for you.

100% transparency

Ledge gives you audit trails for data from reports to source, all wrapped up in our friendly UI.

Switch to a modern finance workflow.
Identify. Investigate. Collaborate. All on Ledge.

We’re here to help get you started as fast as possible. Zero R&D or IT help required.


We're on a mission to automate and simplify finance operations for teams working at scale.

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