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Automated finance ops 
for marketplaces

Marketplaces face complex, high-volume payment flows.
Ledge’s automation & visibility puts you back in control

With Ledge, we can scale reconciliation without scaling headcount.
We were able to go live quickly without R&D or costly implementers & saw very fast time to value.”

Benny Vazana, Senior Vice President of Finance
Papaya Global

Automate reconciliation & cash flow reporting. 
Close the books faster than ever.

Solve complex finance operations challenges involving pay-ins and pay-outs between buyers, sellers, & everyone in-between

Prevent losses & errors

Automate manual work to prevent errors & get real-time alerts on any issues to mitigate risk of losses.

Visibility across your stack

Centralize all payments data across your stack & get total visibility across pay-ins & pay-outs.

Close faster

Close your books without the stress knowing every transaction has been matched & accounted for.

Discover Ledge

Build a powerful, scalable finance operations engine & 
add new products, payment methods & currencies with ease

Total control over complex 
marketplace finance operations

Ledge gives you complete visibility no matter the complexity
or volume of your marketplace pay-ins & pay-outs

Automated reconciliation

Automatic, transaction-level reconciliation

  • Reconcile complex pay-ins & payouts: Match incoming & outgoing payments between your buyers & sellers automatically, with sophisticated one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many transaction matching.
  • Match every transaction to its lifecycle: Get a comprehensive view of any payment journey with transaction-level visibility into all details & changes, including refunds, failed payments, & fees.
  • Always audit ready: Easily provide clear transaction journeys with all your transaction-level data connected & in one place.
Real-time visibility

Prevent losses with 
real-time alerts

  • Spot production errors & bugs: See into the black box of your complex transaction flows & ensure payouts are accurate with every detail properly accounted for.
  • Batch payment disaggregation: Break down batch payments made from PSPs into individual transactions and connect them to the original invoice, automatically.
  • Pinpoint the breakdown: Filter & segment your data so you can zero-in on exactly where the transaction chain breaks down.
Macro to micro insight

A single, holistic view of all your financial data

  • Flexible reporting: Slice & dice your data to see it any way you want, from big-picture aggregates to transaction-level specifics.
  • Flexible ERP integration: Post reconciled data back to your ERP, including aggregate totals or breakdowns of revenue, fees, and taxes in journal entries tailored to suit your workflow.
  • Flexible ledgers: Use ledgers to see all balances & activities in real-time, including marketplaces tracking funds they’re holding for other parties.

Reconcile everything.

Every detail of every transaction, captured and accounted for:

Multiple currencies
Points & Rewards
Take rates

Audit-ready data, always.

Ledge makes audits a breeze

Continuous audit readiness

Every transaction is fully documented, retained, & stored with our Immutable Data Audit Trail.

End-to-end transaction log

Trace the entirety of any transaction, with every change captured, right up to it landing in an account.

Stress-free sampling

No need to painstakingly piece together transaction journeys for audit samples; it’s all done for you.

100% transparency

Ledge gives you audit trails for data from reports to source, all wrapped up in our friendly UI.

Marketplace with high-volume payments?
Get back in control with Ledge.

We’re here to help get you started as fast as possible.
Zero R&D or IT help required.


We're on a mission to automate and simplify finance operations for teams working at scale.

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