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Dramatically improve the efficiency of your whole team, from the CFO & directors to analysts & operations, with no engineering required.

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Build a powerful, scalable finance operations engine & 
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With Ledge, we can scale reconciliation without scaling headcount.
We were able to go live quickly without R&D or costly implementers & saw very fast time to value.”

Benny Vazana, Senior Vice President of Finance
Papaya Global
CFOs & VPs

Manage your financial engine in real-time

Real-time visibility into your actuals drives real-time strategic business decisions and ensures you’re always ready to advise the board, CEO, or other executives on financial matters.

Automate for accuracy

Automate reconciliation and cash flow reporting for greater accuracy, insight, confidence, and speed.

Free the team for higher value tasks

With manual work automated and your data centralized, your team is free to work on higher impact, strategic tasks.

Scale impact without scaling headcount

Keep up with the business as it scales and drive operational efficiency without having to grow the team.


Total control over your finance ops

With real-time, automated reconciliation and all your data in one place there’s no more end-of-month crunch when closing the books, and far fewer risks of last-minute errors creeping in.

Prevent losses & reduce errors

Spot at-risk funds and catch issues before they damage the company’s financials & the funds are lost forever.

Always be audit ready

Ledge captures and connects every detail of every transaction across your stack, putting the entire transaction lifecycle at your team’s fingertips, making audits a breeze.

Manage the team

Assign, track, and manage tasks within your team, ensuring clear responsibility and accountability, with full visibility into what each member is working on.

Finance Teams

Close the books faster than ever

Easily go from high-level metrics to individual transactions and see the full payment story, with every aspect of every transaction recorded in an immutable log for fast and efficient investigations.

Automate mundane work

Embrace continuous close, automate low-value reconciliation work, and focus your efforts on high-value tasks.

Pinpoint the breakdown

Filter & segment data from your entire stack and easily zero-in on exactly where the transaction chain breaks down.

Continuously monitor

Get real-time alerts for any situation you choose, such as overdue or failed payments, ACH reversals, chargebacks, overdue invoices, fraud risk, or any other issue.

Engineering & Product

Spot errors in real-time

Concentrate on your core functionality, catch production discrepancies in real-time across disparate data sources, and leverage Ledge’s deep integration with your finance stack.

Error detection

Monitor transactions with sophisticated reports and custom, real-time alerts across all your live production data.

Error export

Export identification of errors and alerts so that service agents or dev teams have access and can investigate.

Transaction drill down

See the full payment story for any transaction and follow a payment through it’s entire lifecycle to understand what needs to be fixed.


Provide answers & close tickets fast

Give both customer-facing support and internal operations teams the data they need to proactively respond to issues and address payment queries quickly.

Accessible data with robust controls

Empower teams with the data they need to swiftly resolve payment queries independently while ensuring robust controls are in place.

Real-time visibility

Give teams access to all activity related to customers, partners, or channels, including all invoices and payments against them, from open to closing balance.

Fast response times

Answer payment queries instantly, ensure you’re reflecting payment statuses accurately, and improve your customer experience metrics.

Robust internal controls

Ensure accountability and compliance across the team

Role-based controls

Set access & permissions by role, applying appropriate limits to sensitive financial data.

Granular permissions

Ensure different team members have only the access they need, reducing errors & maintaining accountability.

Custom alerts

Use customizable, real-time alerts based on any criteria you choose to mitigate risks & catch issues fast.

100% transparency

Ledge gives you audit trails for data from reports to source, all wrapped up in our friendly UI.

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