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Instant cash insights, smarter cash decisions.

Get instant insight into your cash position and cash flow 
and drive real-time business decisions.

Real-time cash flow visibility.

It's like turning the lights on.

Replace your rickety stack of spreadsheets with 
a single platform that gives you instant answers.

Automate the manual

Drive efficiency with automation that improves accuracy & eliminates human error.

Forecast with confidence

Forecast with less volatility & more accuracy thanks to always-up-to-date actuals.

Centralize your ops

Do it all on one platform, with everything in one place, no matter how complex your operations.

Real-time insights

See your cash position across all accounts in real-time & drill down to the transaction level.

Real-time reporting

Stop waiting for EoM reports to be ready—with Ledge they’re continuously ready.

Real-time decisions

React, adjust, and make decisions immediately thanks to real-time oversight of cash movement.

Make financial, liquidity, and investment decisions faster.

You bring your data sources, Ledge’s powerful Reconciliation Engine handles the rest. No R&D or IT required.

Real-time insights

Instant cash flow reporting for insights & analysis.

  • Live reporting: No more days spent disaggregating cash flow for reporting every month — see & analyze live reports any day of the week instead.
  • Instant analysis: See a spike, anomaly, or concerning trend? Drill down to the transaction level and understand exactly what’s going on.
  • See what changed: Understand where cash was spent or gained over the past week, quarter, or year, and monitor revenue streams, fixed & variable expenses, capital shifts, and more.
Real-time visibility

Improve liquidity management.

  • Cross-account oversight: Maintain up-to-the-minute oversight on your true cash position, spanning multiple accounts, currencies, and entities.
  • Working capital visibility: Get an accurate picture of working capital, know if & when you need financing to bridge a gap or whether it’s time to invest excess cash and generate yield.
Real-time drill down

All your data, ready for analysis, in one place.

  • Macro to micro: Go from high-level aggregates to granular, transaction-level details with full flexibility in how you slice and dice your data.
  • Segment & filter: Complete flexibility to see collections by product line; payments by vendor; transactions by PSP; and more.
  • Drill all the way down: See any detail of any transaction at any point in time and understand how transactions connect across all data sources.
Centralize control

One login for multi-bank cash management.

  • Unified dashboard: Say goodbye to the login, download, import-data dance and see real-time cash positions & balances in one place, including pending and actual balances.
  • Custom alerts: Keep accounts within desired ranges & under FDIC coverage limits, maintain minimum operating balances, and know that you’ll always make payroll thanks to custom alerts.
  • Automated sweeps: Maintain optimal liquidity across accounts and currencies with zero manual oversight.

Track towards budget, forecasts & burn rate.

Real-time data makes it easy to know how you’re tracking.


Maintain continuous budget discipline.


Up-to-date data means less forecast volatility.

Burn rate

Startups, see your monthly burn rate and spending.

Your data, your way

Ledge lets you segment & filter your data by...

Bank or PSP
Break down data by banking partner or PSP
Understand trends and performance across geos
See contribution by line item in a given period
See how it breaks down across geos or org units
Account types
Checking, savings, money market, or credit lines
Entities & regions
Drill down to specific individual accounts
Inflows & outflows
Segmented by any transaction category
Custom attributes
Filter on any attribute in your data sources

Audit-ready data, always.

Ledge makes audits a breeze.

Continuous audit preparation

Every transaction is fully documented, retained, & stored with our Immutable Data Audit Trail.

End-to-end transaction log

Trace the entirety of any transaction, with every change captured, right up to it landing in an account.

Stress-free sampling

No need to painstakingly piece together transaction journeys for audit samples; it’s all done for you.

100% transparency

Ledge gives you audit trails for data from reports to source, all wrapped up in our friendly UI.

Get real-time cash visibility today.
Better insights. Faster answers. One platform.

We’re here to help get you started as fast as possible. Zero R&D or IT help required.


We're on a mission to automate and simplify finance operations for teams working at scale.

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