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All the power of a custom solution with none of the heavy lifting.

Ledge has pre-built connections to your existing tech and finance stack – just click and connect to thousands of institutions, payment providers, banks, ERPs, and databases.

We do the rest.


Ledge integrates with your banks to eliminate the manual work of finance operations and cash flow management.

  • Use just one log-in to get a centralized view of all your bank accounts across all currencies in one place
  • Automatically classify and categorize transactions in line with your specific business practices, providing a unified platform with a clear view of both reconciled and unreconciled activities
  • Maintain an up-to-the minute oversight of your real cash position and cash flow, spanning multiple accounts, currencies, and entities
Payment Service Providers

See your PSP balances in one place. Our plug-and-play interface eliminates the heavy lift of integration on your end.

  • Automatically reconcile batch payouts to invoices, linking every PSP transaction to its customer
  • Gain visibility into your data on a transaction-level, including fees
  • Manage all your chargebacks the same way in one place, whether it’s PayPal or Stripe

We keep your ERP your single source of truth by integrating directly with your ERP and posting back to it with live data.

  • Automatic multi-way reconciliations so that your ERP is always up-to-date
  • Customize how you post reconciled data to your ERP, whether it’s closing open invoices, generating GL-ready summaries, or preparing journal entries for approval
Billing systems

Get a comprehensive view of your cash cycle by connecting Ledge to your billing system. Manage your invoices in one place and gain total visibility, without the need for additional gateway integrations.


Connect Ledge to your internal systems and databases. Ledge pulls the raw data and automatically normalizes it; no need for your data team to prepare anything.

File upload & exchange

Just upload your CSV files as they are in their existing structure and schema and our algorithms will take it from there.

See Ledge in action

Join a member of the team to see Ledge in action, discover where Ledge might fit in your specific payments setup, and discuss what
getting started looks like.


We're on a mission to automate and simplify finance operations for teams working at scale.

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