Tame payments chaos

Ledge dramatically simplifies life for finance teams.
Painful manual reconciliation, poor visibility, and a real risk of losses have been a fact of life for businesses handling a high-volume of payments.  
Not anymore. 

Full payments visibility.
Automated reconciliation.
No engineering required.

One click integrations for payments and finance stack
You ‘pick & click’ to integrate with your payments stack
Easily bring your PSP, bank, ERP, databases, & payment data into Ledge in a few clicks.
Automatic transaction matching with reconciliation engine
Ledge goes to work
matching payments
Ledge’s powerful, big data pipeline starts matching payments & highlighting risks.
Single source of truth for all payments
You have a single source of payments truth
Now you know exactly where you stand, what payments are at risk, & what needs action.

Ledge frees your team to do the work they do best

Finance teams with Ledge
Get an at-a-glance, real-time view of the state of the business.
Drive productivity with clear KPIs and at-risk payments to address.
Operate independently, no developers required.
Run investigations faster than ever.
Dramatically lower risk of losses.
Close their books with confidence.
The team is free to focus on strategic, high value tasks.
Finance teams without Ledge
Struggle to get a clear snapshot of business health.
Bogged down in manual work juggling complex spreadsheets.
Rely on engineering resources for data integration... if you’re lucky.
Face genuine risk of losses.
Need more headcount to keep up with business growth.
The team is stuck with fingers in the payments dam, struggling to keep up.

Your centralized payments  command center

finance command center connecting all banks, payment providers, ERPs, CSVs, billing solutions and databasescommand center
KPI dashboard
Get real-time payments visibility
Three-way reconciliation
Automate transaction matching
Monitoring & alerting
Resolve payments failures fast
See balances at any level
Configure rules to your needs
Explore unified payments data

Launch in minutes or hours, not weeks or months

Built for finance teams no engineering required
Built for your team
Ledge lets finance teams get started immediately — no engineering support required.
Plugs right into your existing finance and payments stack
Built for your stack
Ledge plugs right in to your existing payments stack and unifies all your payments data.
Ledge is built for scale and to scale
Built for your growth
Ledge is built for scale & to scale — automate as you grow & never stress about payments again.
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Take control of your payments with Ledge