Tame payments chaos

Ledge dramatically simplifies life for finance teams. Painful manual reconciliation, poor visibility, and a real risk of losses have been a fact of life for businesses built on complex payments.
Not anymore.

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Full payments visibility.
Automated reconciliation.
No engineering required.

‘Pick & click’ to integrate with your payments stack

Bring your PSPs, banks, ERP, databases, & other payment data into Ledge in a few clicks.

Ledge’s Reconciliation Engine goes to work

Ledge’s powerful big data pipeline starts matching payments & highlighting risks.

You have a single source of truth for payments

Know exactly where you stand, see what payments are at risk, and get notified of issues so you can action them.

Automate your finance operations
and get confident about your financial data

Initiate, monitor, and reconcile transactions and payments across all of your data sources and payments channels in real-time, from one platform.

Get a real-time snapshot into the state of the business

Get full visibility across all of your banks and payment processors in a single view. Understand where you stand with your cash balances at any point in time, identify at-risk funds, and make business decisions with confidence.

Achieve continuous accounting with automated reconciliation

Automatically reconcile payments across payment methods and revenue channels throughout their lifecycle - from database entry, to processing, and to settlement, reducing time-to-close and easily identifying at risk funds. Reduce time spent on investigations - Ledge's smart matching engine focuses your investigation only on the relevant transactions.

Identify and minimize losses with real-time monitoring and alerts

Get notified in real-time about ACH returns, chargebacks, and other payment failures so you can resolve them before the funds are lost forever. Get alerted about uncollected or late payments so action can be taken.

Track all types of balances with flexible and customizable ledgers

Get full visibility into transactions, payments and balances for every kind of counterparty, entity and segment, such as buyers, sellers, activities, properties, and geographies.

Fully configurable to your unique business logic

We understand that every business is unique and has its own logic and workflows. Use Ledge's pre-built logic and rules, or quickly configure to your own business logic with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Launch in minutes or hours, not weeks or months

Built for your team

Ledge lets finance teams get started immediately - no engineering support required.

Built for your payments

Ledge plugs right in to your existing payments stack and unifies all your payment data.

Built for your growth

Ledge is built for scale & to scale - automate as you grow & never stress about payments again.

Take control of your payments
with Ledge