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Instant, flexible financial reporting software.

Close the books in real-time, get reports any day of the week.

No more manual, end-of-month data wrangling.

Ledge does it all for you, all the time
 with 24/7 automated reporting.

Reconciliation — done

Real-time reconciliation means that when reporting time rolls around, you’re already prepared.

ERP updates — done

Post reconciled data back to the ERP automatically, or prepare journal entires for approval.

Reporting — done

Fully configurable reports including GL-ready summaries generated with a single click.

Instant ad hoc reports

Report any day of the week & drive business decisions with today’s data, not last month’s.

Analyze in real-time

Visualize trends & spot anomalies in real-time across all your data, no matter the volume or complexity.

Close faster

Faster time-to-close lets you focus on higher-order tasks & optimize your processes further.

Custom reporting with full ERP integration.

Complex, high-volume data sources welcome. No R&D or IT required.

Flexible reporting

Built for your end-to-end reporting workflow.

  • Regular & ad-hoc reporting: With reconciliation automated, reporting becomes far easier, whether you report at the end of the month, quarter, or year, or ad hoc for executives or the board.
  • Flexible ERP integration: Post reconciled data back to your ERP, close open invoices, send summaries straight to your GL, or prepare journal entries for approval — you have full control.
  • Customize for your teams: Accounting, finance ops, and bookkeeping can all tailor reports to their exact needs, surfacing the data and insights that are most relevant to them.
  • Export everything: Everything is exportable — bring Ledge’s unified data into any other system to meet any additional reporting needs.
Real-time cash position & cash flow

Cash flow reporting 24/7, not at month’s end.

  • No more stale data: Make business decisions and forecasts with real-time data — no need to wait until the end of the month to know your actuals.
  • Pull business levers in real-time: React to anomalies or emerging trends as they happen, not at month-end.
Spot trends early

Real-time visibility and trend analysis.

Insight into trends: Watch for concerning patterns and take early, proactive action. Keep an eye on:

  • Total volumes: Watch for anomalies and flag other teams if a trend needs attention.
  • Failure rates: Ensure failure rates stay below their defined thresholds and take action if it passes your threshold.
  • Fees: Stay on top of fees, ensure that you’re being charged what you should be, and compare fees across payment providers and banks.

Audit-ready data, always.

Ledge makes audits a breeze.

Continuous audit preparation

Every transaction is fully documented, retained, & stored with our Immutable Data Audit Trail.

End-to-end transaction log

Trace the entirety of any transaction, with every change captured, right up to it landing in an account.

Stress-free sampling

No need to painstakingly piece together transaction journeys for audit samples; it’s all done for you.

100% transparency

Ledge gives you audit trails for data from reports to source, all wrapped up in our friendly UI.

Real-time, 24/7 reporting.
Automated. Integrated. Customized.

We’re here to help get you started as fast as possible. Zero R&D or IT help required.


We're on a mission to automate and simplify finance operations for teams working at scale.

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