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Automated finance ops 
for B2C businesses

B2C businesses face a firehose of transactions.
Ledge’s automation & visibility puts you back in control.

With Ledge, we can scale reconciliation without scaling headcount.
We were able to go live quickly without R&D or costly implementers & saw very fast time to value.”

Benny Vazana, Senior Vice President of Finance
Papaya Global

Automate reconciliation & cash flow reporting. 
Close the books faster than ever.

Handle multiple PSPs and currencies with ease, manage massive 
transaction volume, and get to your actuals faster than ever

See fees & refunds

Get full visibility into fees, refunds, and chargebacks across all PSPs, regions, and product lines.

Drill down to transactions

Easily drill down from aggregate metrics to individual transactions with every change & detail captured.

Automate manual work

Automatically reconcile high-volume transactions & scale your operations without adding headcount.

Discover Ledge

Build a powerful, scalable finance operations engine & 
add new products, payment methods & currencies with ease

Full visibility into high-volume 
B2C transaction flows

See aggregates & transaction-level details spanning 
multiple payment gateways, all in one place

Automated reconciliation

Automatic, transaction-level reconciliation

  • Match & aggregate high-volume transactions: Reconcile hundreds of thousands of transactions automatically with sophisticated one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, & many-to-many matching.
  • See the full payment story: Get transaction-level visibility into the entire payment journey including, including refunds, chargebacks, failed payments, & fees.
  • Update your ERP: Post reconciled data back to your ERP by product line, including aggregate totals or breakdowns of revenue, refunds, chargebacks, fees, & taxes in custom journal entries.
Always audit ready

Fully-auditable refund & chargeback reconciliation

  • Clear paper trail: Close your books with the confidence knowing refunds and chargebacks have been automatically reconciled at the transaction level, giving you transparent, audit-ready data.
  • Know your actuals: See balances and activity for everything with subledgers and know your actuals, including total value of refunds and chargebacks.
  • Get real-time alerts: Customizable alerts give you real-time visibility into refunds & chargebacks as they happen so you can resolve issues fast & monitor failure rates.
Macro to micro insight

A single, holistic view of all your financial data

  • Slice & dice your data: Flexible reporting lets you see your data any way you want, from big-picture aggregates to transaction-level specifics.
  • See PSP fees: Get visibility into your PSP’s fee structures, know exactly how much you’re paying, & analyze acceptance rates to understand PSP performance by region.
  • Monitor chargebacks: Track chargebacks in aggregate over time and across product lines and regions, and easily drill down to the transaction level to see the payment story in detail.

Reconcile everything.

Every detail of every transaction, captured and accounted for:

Multiple currencies
Points & Rewards
Take rates

Audit-ready data, always.

Ledge makes audits a breeze

Continuous audit readiness

Every transaction is fully documented, retained, & stored with our Immutable Data Audit Trail.

End-to-end transaction log

Trace the entirety of any transaction, with every change captured, right up to it landing in an account.

Stress-free sampling

No need to painstakingly piece together transaction journeys for audit samples; it’s all done for you.

100% transparency

Ledge gives you audit trails for data from reports to source, all wrapped up in our friendly UI.

Struggling with high-volume payments?
Get back in control with Ledge.

We’re here to help get you started as fast as possible.
Zero R&D or IT help required.


We're on a mission to automate and simplify finance operations for teams working at scale.

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