Solve multi-bank management today

More robust than spreadsheets. Lighter than heavy-duty Treasury Management Solutions.
Ledge Multi-Bank Management is the perfect way to manage cash across multiple banks.
Get real-time visibility, monitoring, and control over your cash today.
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Going multi-bank in a hurry?

Ledge Multi-Bank Management solves the 
three key challenges for teams going multi-bank...
Having cash distributed across banks makes it hard to know where you stand
Monitoring & alerts
Risk minimization is ongoing & requires monitoring for healthy cash spread across accounts
Single platform
You need an efficient way to move cash fast, not a bunch of bank logins to juggle

Ledge radically simplifies
multi-bank treasury management

Unified cash dashboard, alerts, and transfers, all in one place
Unified dashboard
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Regain control with multi-bank visibility

Get an at-a-glance view of your cash balances across all accounts no matter how many banks and payment service providers you use.
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Real-time view of cash, savings, and credit
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Breakdowns by provider, account, and currency
Monitoring & alerts

Keep balances healthy with alerts

Minimize risk exposure with fully configurable alerts that are triggered when a balance gets too high or low. Plus automatic alerts for:
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Anomaly detection
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High value transfers
Funds transfer

Put cash distribution on autopilot

Get peace of mind that your balances are within insured limits and there’s always enough cash available for payroll & expenses.
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Configurable, rules-based, automatic fund transfers
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Manually transfer funds from a single interface
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Maintain required account minimums

Get started instantly
No engineering required

Legacy treasury management systems take weeks to roll out 

Ledge gives you multi-bank visibility today
Just ‘pick & click’ to
integrate with your banks
Add Logic
Use our simple UI to
configure rules in minutes
Single source of truth
And get full multi-bank visibility &
a single source of truth

Take control of your cash